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The Athy in Telepathy

In January 1947, a very strange postcard arrived in the
market town of Athy, County Kildare. The unsigned card, which had been posted in Rochester, New York, on 26 December 1946, was addressed to “Athy, town of, and its employees and people present and future on the River Barrow, Irish Free State.” It bore the following cryptic message: I depend on correct, honest supplementation of this card by telepathy as a thing which will make clear the meaning of this card. There exists a Playing of the Great Things, the correct, the constructive, world or universe politics, out-in-the-open telepathy, etc. According to The Great Things this playing is the most feasible thing of all; but it is held from newspaper advertising and correct, honest public world recognition, its next step, by telepathic forces (it seems), physical dangers and lack of money. Over 10,000 cards and letters on the subject, have been sent to prominent groups and persons all over the world. Important: A public literature on t…

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