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Return to Gillhall Castle

In my last post, I said that Sheila St Clair, the “investigator and lecturer in supernatural phenomena,” had accompanied the Ulster Tape Recording Society on one of their visits to Gillhall, and that she had - quite some years later - told the story of that night in her book, “The Step on the Stair.” Strangely, St Clair doesn’t mention in her book that a journalist and a photographer from the Belfast Telegraph were also there that night. The journalist’s account - which I’ve reproduced here - appeared in the Belfast Telegraph on 28 June 1960.
SOCIETY TAPES SOUND PICTURE OF HAUNTED HOUSEI have just spent a night in a haunted house. I heard coughing in an empty room, dogs howling for no apparent reason, and inexplicable crashes. The house is Gillhall, a 300-year-old mansion near Dromore, Co. Down. Cameraman Roy Smyth and I motored there with nine members of the Ulster Tape Recording Society. Led by their honorary secretary, Mr. Wiliam Scott, they were making their second visit to capture my…

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