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A Curious Craft Over Carlingford

On Saturday, 14 April 1990, between 4:30pm and 5:00pm, a UFO circled and hovered over the County Louth village of Carlingford. It was spherical and domed, was 30 to 40 feet in diameter, and according to the Irish Independent: “The object was lit up with orange lights that changed to blue as it went nearer the ground and then to red as it took off again.” Pharmacist John O’Callaghan had been taking photos of properties for sale for a friend in England when he encountered the UFO. “I heard a terrible loud noise, my first reaction was to cover my ears with my hands. I then saw a dome-shaped object hanging and spinning in the sky and there was an orange colour all around it. “After a few minutes it descended down to the ground. There were three bulges at the base of it and it had turned a bluey/purply colour. “I am not into UFOs at all and have always been very sceptical about such things but there was certainly a craft of some nature hovering in the sky.” Another witness was Kevin Woods, who …

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