Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Alien Big Cat in Howth Head

On Monday, 19 April 1965, the mystery animal that had been frequently sighted in Howth Head paid a visit to the home of Mr and Mrs Dunphy, where it enjoyed some time in their garden.

According to Mrs Dunphy, the animal was cat-like, ginger and about 24 inches in height. It left paw prints in the garden that were 2.5 inches wide. There were also some claw marks.

The Dunphy's thought the animal might be a puma. So did Garda Tom Haughty, who watched the incident through a telescope.

As no pumas were missing from Dublin Zoo, Gardai believed the puma had most likely been illegally imported as a cub, and had escaped from an owner who was too afraid to report it missing.

The Irish Times, 21 April 1965.

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