Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Kidnapped by Fairies

At a meeting of the Limavady Pension Committee on Monday, 9 August 1909, one of the applicants, Annie McEntire, was unable to provide evidence of her age. Annie, who was described as a “snowy-haired bent old woman,” had no records and her name did not appear on either the 1841 or the 1851 census.
But Annie had some information she thought might help the committee establish her age. She said she believed she was born on Halloween night in 1839 - and that the fairies had taken her.
“You are quite sure of that?” asked the chairman.
“I am as certain of it as that I live,” replied Annie. “Fortunately my brother was returning from Carndonagh and he heard the noise of their revels, their singing, and their dancing, and he had a book with him which he threw into the wood at Carrowkeel.
“The fairies then abandoned me, and my brother lifted me in his arms, and brought me back to my mother.”
“There was much joy at your return, I presume?” said the chairman.
There was, according to Annie: her mother was “in ecstasy” – and much drink was taken.
Limavady Pension Committee granted Annie her pension.
Lisburn Standard, 14 August 1909

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