Friday, 6 May 2016

UFO Attacks Donegal

In February 1969, UFOs were buzzing counties Cork, Clare and Donegal.

On a number of nights, a red (though some said blue), low-flying UFO was seen near Lisgreen, an ancient fort near Kilkee, on the coast of County Clare. There were also reports that the object had landed at the site. One farmer's curiosity brought him to the fort for a closer look, but there was nothing there.

On Wednesday, 19 February 1969, an orange-coloured, oval-shaped object was blamed for damage to buildings in Belcruit and Bunawillan, in County Donegal. One witness, Mr James Bonner, said the object was extremely fast-moving and "came with a terrific roar." It was so fast he couldn't follow its movements.

Shortly after the object had passed, Mr Bonner heard two explosions. Seemingly, the UFO had destroyed a garage in Belcruit and ripped the roof of an outhouse in Bunawillan. There was no mention of a collision - or a death ray for that matter - in the report.

"The thing is the talk of the district and, of course, a complete mystery," said the Irish Times.

The Irish Times, 22 February 1969

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